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OLYMPIA Grand Ballroom

Wedding - High tables

LIQAA - View

LIQAA - View

Wedding - Buffet

Wedding - Dome

Wedding in Purple

Wedding - Seated Dinner

Wedding - Bouquet Throw

Wedding - First Dance

Wedding - Main Lobby

Imagine a luxurious venue for the wedding of your dreams, with affordable conditions!

OLYMPIA Grand Ballroom, a striking new indoor wedding venue,
situated on a green hill in Metn, near Antelias, called Rabweh.
Being part of “LIQAA convention center & hotel”, OLYMPIA is an east-modern venue
featuring a huge glass Dome and a breathtaking panoramic view of Beirut city and skyline.

For further information, don't hesitate to contact us:
+961 4 521 907 / 8
+961 4 410 608